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Aegopinella nitidula

Aegopinella nitidula; Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, BC (diameter: 7.2 mm).

Aegopinella nitidula (Draparnaud, 1805) is yet another terrestrial land snail introduced into Canada. This species, which bears some resemblance to the also introduced species of Oxychilus, was first noticed in BC (and North America) by myself and friends around the Vancouver area. Since then, I am unaware of any finds outside of this regions. It would be of interest to learn of additional occurrences anywhere in the region, or beyond. Oddly, no one has yet to find it elsewhere in Canada or the USA.

Further reading:

Forsyth RG, Hutchinson JMC, Reise H (2001) Aegopinella nitidula (Draparnaud, 1805) (Gastropoda: Zonitidae) in British Columbia—first confirmed North American record. American Malacological Bulletin 16: 65–69. PDF here.