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Pupilla muscorum

Widespread Column

Pupilla muscorum

Pupilla muscorum: Along the Saint Lawrence River and chemin des Ancêtres, northeast of quay, Grondines, Portneuf MRC, Québec. Snails were on small pieces of stone along a low bank/outcrop, as well as lower, in areas that clearly would be inundated during spring flood.

Fading Novisuccinea

On the orange foot of Novisuccinea ovalis

Back in September, outside of Québec city I collected a succineid. I think it is Novisuccinea ovalis (Say, 1817), although I can’t be certain. It is a succineid after all. But, in my experience, the upland habitat is quite typical for Novisuccinea. And, the sole of the foot is orange.

The orange foot isn’t much mentioned in the literature of this species but it does rather rapidly fade in preserved animals. Within a couple of weeks, the orange of my snail had faded to a drab greyish-orange, hardly the vivid colouration of the living snail.

Novisuccinea strigata

Novisuccinea ovalis. 12 September 2011. Canada: Québec: La Jacques-Cartier: Sanctuaire de Duchesney. 46° 54.005′N, 071° 41.006′W. Mature hardwood forest. Forsyth collection, 11.110.4554.

The dorsal view

The dorsal view.