Smithers’ first bioblitz

Two terrestrial molluscs added to the Glacier Gulch list

Recently, July 30 and 31, 2011, the first ever Smithers’ bioblitz was held at Glacier Gulch on Hudson Bay Mountain. I participated, looked for snails and took photographs. Turn out was excellent although the weather was inclement, as it has been for much of the summer.

Five species of land snails were known from Glacier Gulch: Euconulus fulvus, Vertigo modesta (photographed), Discus whitneyi, Punctum randolphii, and Columella edentula. One additional species of snail, Vespericola columbianus (below), and an introduced Arion slug were found by bioblitzers, bringing the total to seven species. Vespericola columbianus has been found before on Hudson Bay Mountain, and more unusually, in the valley.

Vertigo modesta

Vertigo modesta.

Vespericola columbiana

Vespericola columbiana.