Planogyra clappi

Planogyra clappi. Canada: BC: Queen Charlotte Islands: Moresby Island: Gray Bay. W: 1.85 mm

Planogyra clappi Pilsbry, 1898
Western Flat-coil

  • Punctum clappi Pilsbry 1898: 133.

Identification. Shell subdiscoidal. Spire nearly flat. Whorls few, c. 3½. Suture deep. Periphery rounded. Aperture almost round. Lip thin, simple. Umbilicus c. ¼ of shell width. Protoconch indistinctly, microscopically granular. Teleoconch sculpture prominent, erect, fragile, colabral periostracal ribs (but sometimes eroded off), c. 35 on last whorl; microscopic spiral striae, especially on base; microscopic incremental striae. Shell with a silky sheen, brown. Width to 2.2 mm (wider than high).

Animal translucent white; head and ocular tentacles grey.

Planogyra asteriscus from Eastern and Atlantic Canada and the Maritimes has a slightly broader umbilicus (c. ⅓ of shell width) and somewhat fewer, more strongly erect colabral riblets (c. 18–30 on last whorl). Shells of ribbed Vallonia spp. are superficially similar, but they are whitish and with a flared, usually thickened apertural lip in adults.

Habitat. Rich, moist forests, especially in cedar woods. In leaf litter.

Global range. Alexander Archipelago, Alaska (unpubl. data) and south to Trinity County (Klamath Mountains) and Mendocino County, California (Roth 1985, Roth & Sadeghian 2003); northern Idaho (Burke 2013) and south-eastern BC. Canadian range. British Columbia: along coast, Haida Gwaii to Vancouver Island and mainland, and also in the wet southern interior mountains (Forsyth 2004, Ovaska et al. 2010, 2020).

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