Photos from the NB Bioblitz

In June 2013, I participated in the annual New Brunswick Bioblitz, which is organized by the New Brunswick Museum. This year the two-week long bioblitz was focusing on the Grand Lake Natural Protected Area (NPA), southeast of Fredericton, NB. Check out the Bioblitz’s blog here. Next year’s bioblitz will again be in the Grand Lake NPA.

A list of species found is still being compiled, but here are some of my photos from the bioblitz.

A succineid

An succineid photographed in Gagetown (behind my tent). It may be a species of Oxyloma or Succinea.

Arion subfuscus

Arion subfuscus is an introduced European slug but now occurs in forests, including nearly all sites surveyed in the Grand Lake Meadows Protected Area.

Arion subfuscus

Another Arion subfuscus lacking lateral bands. This strange looking yellowish form was common in places.

Anguispira alternata

Anguispira alternata. Only this individual was found during the bioblitz.

Neohelix albolabris

Neohelix albolabris, the largest land snail in the Grand Lake Natural Protected Area was found only a few times.

Novisuccinea ovalis

Novisuccinea ovalis (presumably) from along the left bank of the Saint John River, below the Hwy 2 bridge. The sole of the foot is pale orange.

Trochulus hispidus

Trochulus hispidus. Under Hwy 2 bridge, along the Saint John River. Common under driftwood high on the river bank.