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British Columbia

Checklist of Terrestrial Molluscs in British Columbia
(Last revised 2 August 2011)

Introduction: The suprageneric classification used here is adapted from the “Working classification of the Mollusca” by Bouchet et al. (2005). Where family names differ from those used Land Snails of British Columbia (Forsyth 2004), the latter are added [in square brackets]. Common names are from Turgeon et al. (1998) in most cases, or from Forsyth (2004) who adapted names from other publications or newly coined them following the principles of Turgeon et al. Sources are noted for species added since Land Snails of British Columbia was published, or when there have been name changes. There are 98 species included in this checklist (including 28 that are introduced).

Download/view the PDF: Checklist of Terrestrial Molluscs in BC.pdf
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A simple checklist with links to other pages is here.

New Brunswick

Simple checklist here.