Donating samples

I very much welcome samples of terrestrial molluscs from any place in Canada, especially from the north and the prairie provinces, which are particularly poorly known.

I am especially looking for leaf litter and stream-drift samples. While the minute land molluscs that dwell in leaf litter are a major component of the terrestrial mollusc fauna of Canada, they have historically been neglected in large parts of the country. Their small size has usually meant that they have been overlooked by all but the most dedicated naturalists and malacologists, and there exists substantial gaps in our knowledge of these animals in Canada. If you are interested in supplying me with litter samples, I have some instructions here.

Each sample needs to be accompanied by accurate, detailed locality and habitat data. Please contact me for further information if you are interested in sending samples. Latitude and longitude is strongly encouraged.

Map of collections

Map with collection sites, my own and those donated by others (current to January 2014).

The map shows most collections (both collected and donated) since 1990. It is current to April 2013. I’d be most interested in litter samples, or other specimens, from those areas with few or no dots.

Thank you to to everyone who have already sent material. It is most appreciated!