Further information

In this section are brief descriptions of projects that I’m working on or that interest me. Additionally, I have included a few links to some resources elsewhere on the web.

This site is written and maintained by Robert Forsyth (Kamloops, BC, Canada). Parts of the current web site date from 2003, although there was similar content online earlier. There have been various incarnations of this site over the years, with this latest version going online in April 2009.

I am a graphic designer by trade but have been fascinated by the molluscs of British Columbia, Canada, since a very young age. Beginning around 1990, I have studied terrestrial molluscs of the province. In recent years, my focus has shifted east to Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and other provinces .

When I lived in Victoria, I became associated with the Royal British Columbia Museum (starting 1998 as a volunteer, and since 2004 as a research associate). As a research associate, I’ve written a museum handbook, Land Snails of British Columbia (2004), as well as a number of papers on western Canadian Mollusca. In 2014, I became a research associate with the New Brunswick Museum, and have published on Central and Atlantic Canada terrestrial molluscs.

I maintain comprehensive, but compact, reference collection of mostly Canadian terrestrial molluscs. A substantial amount of additional material that I collected has been deposited in collections of the Royal BC Museum (RBCM), New Brunswick Museum.

Affiliations & Memberships