Family Vertiginidae Fitzinger, 1833

Thirty-four species are currently known in Canada, but other species may be expected. The genus is remarkably species-rich among Canadian terrestrial snails and can be quite abundant, although their small size has meant that they have historically been rather neglected.

Subfamily Vertigininae Fitzinger, 1833

Genus Vertigo O. F. Müller, 1774

  • Vertigo O. F. Müller 1774: 124 ; type species by monotypy: Vertigo pusilla O. F. Müller, 1774.

The following classification follows Nekola et al. (2018).

Etymology. Latin, vertigo, a turning round (Kennard & Woodward 1926). Gender: feminine.

Subgenus Vertigo O. F. Müller, 1774

Vertigo (Vertigo) arthuri E. von Martens, 1882
Vertigo (Vertigo) bollesiana (Morse, 1865)
Vertigo (Vertigo) gouldii (A. Binney, 1843)
Vertigo (Vertigo) hannai Pilsbry, 1919
Vertigo (Vertigo) nylanderi Sterki, 1909
Vertigo (Vertigo) genesioides Nekola et al., 2018
Vertigo (Vertigo) oughtoni Pilsbry, 1948

Subgenus Boreovertigo Nekola et al., 2018

Vertigo (Boreovertigo) andrusiana Pilsbry, 1899
Vertigo (Boreovertigo) cf. hoppii (Möller, 1842)
Vertigo (Boreovertigo) modesta (Say, 1824)
Vertigo (Boreovertigo) modesta castanea Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1900
Vertigo (Boreovertigo) coloradensis (Cockerell, 1891)
Vertigo (Boreovertigo) cristata Sterki in Pilsbry, 1919
Vertigo (Boreovertigo) pisewensis Nekola et al., 2018
Vertigo (Boreovertigo) ronnebyensis (Westerlund, 1871)
Vertigo (Boreovertigo) ultima Pilsbry, 1919

Subgenus Vertilla Moquin-Tandon, 1855

Vertigo (Vertilla) clappi Brooks & Hunt, 1936
Subgenus Alaea Jeffreys, 1830
Vertigo (Alaea) binneyana Sterki, 1890
Vertigo (Alaea) lilljeborgi vinlandica Nekola et al., 2018
Vertigo (Alaea) milium (Gould, 1840)
Vertigo (Alaea) perryi Sterki, 1905
Vertigo (Alaea) ventricosa (Morse, 1865)
Vertigo (Alaea) morsei Sterki, 1894
Vertigo (Alaea) ovata (Say, 1822)

Subgenus Staurodon Lowe, 1852

  • Staurodon Lowe 1852: 278; type species by subsequent designation (Pilsbry 1919 [1920–1920]): Pupa saxicola R. T. Lowe, 1852.
  • Sterkia Pilsbry 1898: 119; type species by subsequent designation: Pupa calamitosa Pilsbry, 1889.
  • Nearctula Sterki 1892: 5; type species by original designation: Pupa californica Rowell, 1861.
  • Afripupa Pilsbry & Cooke 1920 (1919–1920): 357; type species by original designation: Pupa griqualandica Melvill & Ponsonby, 1893.
  • Haplopupa Pilsbry 1908: 119; type species by monotypy: Vertigo dalliana (Sterki, 1890).

The above list of synonyms is according to Nekola et al. (2018), but this may be over-ambitious in combining taxa. For example, on the basis of biogeography and perhaps morphology, the lumping the discreet group of West Coast Nearctula species with the Madeiran endemic Staurodon (in the strict sense) seems imprudent.

Etymology. Greek: stauro, a cross + odon, tooth.

Vertigo (Staurodon) rowellii (Newcomb, 1862)

Subgenus Isthmia Gray, 1821

Vertigo (Isthmia) pygmaea (Draparnaud, 1801) ◆ Introduced
Vertigo (Isthmia) tridentata Wolf, 1870