Family Limacidae Batsch, 1789

Subfamily Limacinae Batsch, 1789

Genus Ambigolimax Pollonera, 1887

  • Ambigolimax Pollonera 1887: 2; type species by monotypy: Limax valentianus A. Férussac in A. Férussac & Deshayes, 1822.

Etymology. Latin, ambigu, + limax, a slug. Masculine gender.

Ambigolimax valentianus (A. Férussac in A. Férussac & Deshayes, 1821)

Genus Lehmannia Heynemann, 1863

  • Lehmannia Heynemann 1863: 211; type species by monotypy: Limax marginatus O. F. Müller, 1774.

Pilsbry (1948) and others have treated Lehmannia as a subgenus of Limax, but the consensus now is to recognise it as a separate genus. See also Ambigolimax.

Etymology. Named for German malacologist Rudolph Lehmann (1812–1871). Feminine.

Lehmannia marginata (O. F. Müller, 1774)

Genus Limacus Lehmann, 1864

  • Limacus Lehmann 1864: 145; type species by original designation: Limax breckworthianus Lehmann, 1863 (= Limax flavus Linnaeus, 1758)

An alternative classification treats Limacus as a subgenus of Limax.

Etymology. Latin: derived from limax, slug; masculine.

Limacus flavus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Genus Limax Linnaeus, 1758

  • Limax Linnaeus 1758: 652; type species (ICZN 1926, Opinion 94): Limax maximus Linnaeus, 1758.

Etymology. Latin: limax, “slug”. Masculine.

Limax maximus Linnaeus, 1758