Family Geomitridae C. Boettger, 1909

Many genera and numerous species belong to this widely distributed family, with representatives occurring across northern Eurasia, North Africa, and islands in the eastern Atlantic, including Madeira, the Azores, and the Canary Islands (Schileyko 2006). Until recently, species in this family were placed within the Hygromiidae, and in the older literature, in the Helicidae or Helicellidae. There is one species introduced to Canada, which was first documented in Bethany, Ontario in the 1970s, although it had been observed there decades earlier (Grimm & Wiggins 1975).

Subfamily Helicellinae Ihering, 1909

Tribe Helicopsini H. Nordsieck, 1987

Genus Xerolenta Monterosato, 1892

  • Xerolenta Monterosato 1892: 24; type species by subsequent designation (Kobelt 1892): Helix obvia Menke, 1828.
  • Xerothacia Schütt 1962: 152; type species by original designation: Helicella (Xerothracia) pappi Schütt, 1962 [=Xerolenta obvia pappi].

There are about five species distributed in Europe east to Asia Minor (Schileyko 2006). One species, Xerolenta obvia, is introduced to North America.

Etymology. Greek: xeros, dry + Latin: perhaps either lenti, lentil, or lentiginous, freckled. Feminine.

Xerolenta obvia (Menke, 1828)