Family Boettgerillidae Wiktor & I. M. Likharev, 1979

This is a family of slugs native to the Caucasus region includes a single genus, Boettgerilla, with just two species. One species, B. pallens, is remarkable in that it has spread rather rapidly over most of western Europe and beyond to the New World. It has been known in Canada since 1998, when it was found on southern Vancouver Island. Since then, it has turned up in Newfoundland, western Quebec, and southern Ontario.

Genus Boettgerilla Simroth, 1910

  • Boettgerilla Simroth 1910: 530; type species by monotypy: Boettgerilla compressa Simroth, 1910.

Etymology. Named after Caesar Rudolf Boettger (1888–1976), German malacologist.

Boettgerilla pallens Simroth, 1912