Magnipelta mycophaga

Magnipelta mycophaga Pilsbry, 1953
Magnum Mantleslug

  • Magnipelta mycophaga Pilsbry 1953: 37, pl. 5, figs 1–3.
Magnipelta mycophaga; near Ripple Ridge, BC.

Identification. Body large (maximum mature length ca 65 mm). Mantle smooth, very large, covering most of dorsal surface of animal and tan with an irregular black stripe on either side and irregular black spotting. Anterior ¼ of mantle free from the head. Pneumostome slightly posterior to the midline on the right side of the mantle. Keel on tail absent. Colour mottled with tan, darker brown, and blackish brown.

Habitat. Forests (Pilsbry & Brunson 1954)

Canadian range. South-eastern British Columbia, north to Wells Gray Provincial Park.


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