Ambigolimax valentianus

Ambigolimax valentianus at Qualicum Bay, Vancouver Island, BC; 9 July 2020.

Ambigolimax valentianus (A. Férussac, 1821), also known as Lehmannia valentiana and Limax valentiana, is a widely introduced terrestrial slug that presumably is native to the Iberian Peninsula. In 1999 I first found this species on Pender Island and in the Victoria region, and published a short note on it. I found it abundant in my own Victoria backyard, in my compost bin, and even in January 2000, slugs were active in my compost, which I suppose offered ample shelter, food, and perhaps a bit of warmth.

Since then, it has turned up in the Vancouver area, and I suppose that it will be found elsewhere if suitable habitats are checked. My last observation of A. valentianus was at a beach access at Qualicum Bay (Lat: 49.4075, Lon: -124.6342). There slugs were found under a piece of wood on sandy, weedy ground along the road access.

The record was reported in iNaturalist:

Presently this is the most northern occurrence that I know of in BC (although additional occurrences farther up the island are very likely, and iNaturalist even has observations from Alaska).

A recent useful publication on A. valentianus has recently been published (

Vendetti JE, Burnett E, Carlton L, Curran AT, Lee C, Matsumoto R, Mc Donnell R, Reich I, Willadsen O (2019) The introduced terrestrial slugs Ambigolimax nyctelius (Bourguignat, 1861) and Ambigolimax valentianus (Férussac, 1821) (Gastropoda: Limacidae) in California, with a discussion of taxonomy, systematics, and discovery by citizen science. Journal of Natural History 53: 1607-1632.