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Discus whitneyi, Tyhee Lake

Discus whitneyi, Tyhee Lake, near Telkwa, BC.

Online database: Bibliography of the Terrestrial Molluscs of Canada

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Wanted: leaf litter samples from anywhere in Canada
While the minute land molluscs that dwell in leaf litter are a major component of the terrestrial mollusc fauna of Canada, they have historically been neglected in many parts of Canada. Their small size has usually meant that they have been overlooked by all but the most dedicated naturalists and malacologists. Many gaps in our knowledge of these animals is the direct result of insufficient collections from almost all regions of the country. I am looking for donations of leaf litter samples (each 1–2 L in volume), or drift samples containing terrestrial species from anywhere in Canada. More information here.

Interactive maps at E-Fauna BC
October 2011 — New and updated data have been uploaded to E-Fauna BC, the Electronic Atlas of the Wildlife of British Columbia. Records are now available for terrestrial gastropods.

Need a mollusc identified?
Do you require identifications made of land snails or slugs? I can do these from specimens, or often from photographs. Please contact me for more information. I frequently help photographers, naturalists and others identify slugs and snails in their photos — just ask! Contact me here.

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The “orange spot” (Zonitoides nitidus) revisted

Black Gloss, Orange Spot

In in earlier post, I mentioned how the black-bodied Zonitoides nitidus (common name: Black Gloss) has an orange-coloured spot that is visible through the translucent shell (although apparently not always that orange but more yellowish). In the photograph I included at the time, this spot was just barely visible if one knows where to look. Here I add another photograph, showing this character much more clearly (and with a giant arrow to point it out).

Zonitoides nitidus. Lundar Beach Provincial Park (E shore of Lake Manitoba), Manitoba.